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'MASKNE' Our New Struggle and Ways to Prevent From It


What is maskne? As more people are wearing masks now due to COVID-19, many individuals especially with sensitive skin are suffering from skin irritation and acne. 

For many people they are dealing with those unpleasant side effect - blemishes, pimples, zits especially around the cheek/chin/jaw area. When wearing face masks, combined with stress from the pandemic, it is causing and increased moisture - rich environment for bacteria and organisms to proliferate.

What can be done to prevent from getting maskne?

You want to ensure that your mask is being washed and completely dried after every use. Cotton masks are preferred as they allow the skin to breathe.

Using gentle skin care products such as avoiding SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a harsh sulfate that strips your natural oils and impairs the barrier. Ideally using products that are fragrance free would benefit your skin.

Try to avoid wearing foundation - if you want to use something that has a bit of coverage to your skin, you can try using a mineral tinted sunscreen.

You want to ideally let your skin care products absorb into your skin first for 15 minutes before wearing your mask. That way it will create a seal.

There are other tips and tricks that you can incorporate from preventing maskne such as using a salicylic acid spray inside of your mask. Salicyclic acid works best for blackheads and whiteheads; when used regularly, this ingredient may prevent future comedones from forming.

Another tip is using a natural alternative without damaging your skin is using red light therapy which has clinical benefits. There are endless benefits to red light therapy, but one of the main benefits is collagen boosting and kills acne-causing bacteria. Using our LED Gua Sha Beauty Massager everyday for 5 minutes whether its morning or night (I prefer night time, as a nice facial treat to myself) which will help to prevent, reduce inflammation and help with hyperpigmentation!


Products I recommend I have mentioned above:

Acne Spray 

Mineral Tinted Sunscreen

LED Gua Sha Beauty Massager


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